Are Chips Healthy?


Have you come across and questioned yourself “Are Chips Healthy?”

“Are Chips Healthy?” a question, when asked to a normal person, would probably and without thinking would say, it depends. And they are absolutely, definitely right if not wrong.

Before digging a little bit further let us first define chips. What are chips? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a chip is a small, thin, crisp, usually salty piece of food typically prepared by frying, baking, or drying. So “Are Chips Healthy?”

Do you believe that almost all food ingredients around you can be turned into chips? The most popular of it, people have known is the Potato chips and lots of food industries like Kellogg Company and Frito-Lay are manufacturing chips made out of potatoes. But did you know that potato chips contain 536 calories in every 100 grams? A not so friendly for those who are on a low-calorie diet, isn’t it? Because of this, food manufacturing industries experimented with other ingredients hence the creation of banana chips, taro chips, corn chips, and the like.

A healthier variety of chips is coming and is introducing itself, the Malunggay Chips, one of the healthiest chips in town. And if we say Malunggay Chips, no one can beat Ghems Food Products in producing the best and most delicious Malunggay Chips. Its chips are made from hand-picked Malunggay leaves incorporated into the fresh white flour, salt, and water. The dough then is rolled thinly and was cut in tricycles. The cut dough is fried to vegetable oil cooking it to perfect crisp.

So are chips healthy? You choose!

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