Malunggay A Wonder Tree

Is Malunggay a wonder tree? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Wonder means an effective or efficient far beyond anything previously known or anticipated. So what categorized or classified Malunggay a wonder tree? Let’s take a look at some.

First, it can thrive almost anywhere in any weather condition. plant grows where most plants cannot survive, and there revitalizes the soil. It also revitalizes the soil. Farmers plant it to restore forests, filter water, and more. Malunggay trees grow year-round and help replenish nutrients in the soil. Decomposing trees further nourish the earth for other food sources in harsh landscapes.

Second, it is loaded with nutrients. Every part of the Malunggay tree can give you antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, and all of the essential amino acids. Extensive studies have revealed that phytonutrients and other substances present in Malunggay have antidiabetic, antitumor, anti-ulcer, anti-epileptic, and antispasmodic effects.


The leaves can be added to any staple food of your choice be it in soups, drinks, viands and the like.

With the facts stated above proving that  Malunggay is a Wonder tree indeed is the inspiration for the creation of Malunggay Chips by GhemsFoodsProducts. Ghems Food Products Malunggay Chips is made from hand-picked Malunggay leaves crushed, rolled to the fresh white flour. Water is then added to the mixture to form a dough. The dough is rolled thinly and cut to triangles and fried to perfect crisp in the vegetable oil.

So if you have picky mouths to feed but wanting to give a nutritious and easy to eat food anyway? Are you still looking for a handy and nutritious snack to give your family? Try Malunggay Chips by GemsFoodProducts and surely you feeding nutritious and healthful snacks to your family is a piece of cake!



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