Malunggay fights malnutrition

Malunggay fights malnutrition.

Have you ever heard the Filipino Song “Bahay Kubo?” Well, I believe that every Filipino, young and old are familiar and adore the song. How many vegetables are there in the song? If your guess is 18 then you are correct! Is Malunggay one of the vegetables in the song? Unfortunately, Malunggay is not included. Do you know why? Maybe because it resembles a tree and the composer did not consider Malunggay as a vegetable then.

Malunggay has become a staple food of every Filipinos nowadays. It provides much nutritional value an individual needs hence Malunggay fights malnutrition. If in America, an apple a day that keeps them away from the doctor here in the Philippines it is the Malunggay. Malunggay fights malnutrition and keeps the doctor away if consume in regular basis. “If Manny Pacquiao shows how a Filipino fights in the ring,” commented one scribe, “Malunggay is the symbol of Filipino fight against malnutrition.”

During the Marcos regime, Malunggay was pointed as a solution to the malnutrition problem in the countryside. It is then believed that Malunggay fights malnutrition more effectively than other vegetables. The president himself loves Malunggay consuming soup littered with green Malunggay leaves and some bamboo shoots and jutes as his main fare.

As the years go by, malnutrition sips its way in every Filipino home. That is why I encourage everyone to include Malunggay in your meal. There are already readily available by-products of Malunggay in the market. There is Malunggay pandesal and of course the Malunggay Chips.

Malunggay Chips of GhemsFoodProducts is made up of all-natural Malunggay leaves, flour and flavorings fried in oil. Malunggay Chips by GemsFoodProducts a healthful snack good for the family and friends and is very good “pasalubong” to anyone.

For any inquiries and orders, you may contact Ms. Gemma Bumangit or visit her at Barangay Balintocatoc, Santiago City.

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