Recipe for Yema Classic

Many of our readers of Ghems Food Products website asked us on our comment section about the Recipe of Yema Classic and now here it is.

Yema is a type of Filipino candy named after the Spanish term for egg yolks. According to history that during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines, egg yolks were disposed of while the egg whites were used in construction sites. It’s been said that the egg whites were mixed with the cement to have a marble-like appearance. Now, since the egg yolks were just set aside, the Filipinos got them and combined it with peanuts, butter, and milk. This is how the Yema Recipe started and became one of the favorite Filipino foods for the kids and adults alike. It’s true that we Filipino loved sweets.

Here in Santiago City Ghems Food Products is very known for it offers very special yema that suits as the best pasalubong to your loved ones if you’ve been here in Region 2. They offer lots of flavour of yema they have Yema Classic (Classic Flavor which we Filipinos are very familiar) Yema Mango and Yema Pandan But What is the Recipe for Yema Calssic?


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Recipe for Yema Classic

It’s a very easy preparation and cooking procedure. When shopping for the ingredients, see to it that the peanuts are of excellent quality. The peanuts should be chopped for better blending with the other ingredients. The condensed milk and butter should be of good quality too. This is to ensure that you will come up with the best tasting Yema ever. In cooking this recipe, it should be stirred well to make it thick. You have to follow the instructions carefully so that it won’t be overcooked. Put the stove in low heat only so that the yema will remain soft and won’t get too dark in color. Allow it to cool down before shaping it; otherwise, expect your palms to get burned a bit. The preparation time for this Yema Recipe for Yema Classic is just ten minutes while cooking time takes about fifteen minutes. Isn’t it very easy to add this to your dining table?


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