Ghems Peanut butter

Peanut butter by Ghems Food Products is made with simple ingredients and has the fresh roasted peanut butter taste Filipino family loves. One bite of our Ghems Peanut butter spread and you’ll be reminded of your very best childhood memories.

Spreading love to your family is as easy as spreading the super smooth Ghems Peanut butter in your bread. It is smooth textured and easy to spread. Oil separation of the spread is just natural. To slow the oil separation just stir the jar contents, tighten the cap then place it in the refrigerator. It can also be used to bake delicious cookies.

This spread is a perfect option for lunch or snack time, it has the flavor both kids and adults love. Plus, it has no preservatives and low sodium, so you can feel like Super Mom all day long.

Smooth, creamy with a fresh-roasted peanut taste, this spread is perfect for sandwiches, baking and making memories with family and of course, bites right from the spoon.

Whether you love your Ghems peanut butter on a sandwich, in a smoothie, with dessert or by the spoonful, Ghems has lovingly prepared every last bite for the enjoyment of yours. Ghems has never had an outbreak or recall of its spread and it takes great pride that customers are very satisfied with it. Its spread are processed to strict product quality specifications and contain only fancy quality grades of nuts. 

For a wonderful snacking experience, make peanut butter by Ghems a part in your family. It is always readily available and is freshly made especially for you. For any inquiries regarding the distribution of the peanut butter you may contact Ms Gemma Bumangit (click here) or you can visit her store at Balintocatoc, Santiago City.

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