Is Desserts Really Healthy?

Is Desserts Really Healthy? Many people are confused if desserts are really good for their body but here are some of our reviews to convinced our customers that sweets are very healthy.

1.Some desserts have milk as one of it’s ingredients and we all know that milk is a good source of Calcium and Vitamin D that strengthens our bones and prevents Osteoporosis.

2.Fruits are one of the main ingredients of some of well known desserts. Did you know that eating fruit makes you look young and healthy not only that fruits also have Vitamin C that is good for our immune system.

3. Serotonin is a chemical in our body that is produced when eating  desserts. Producing serotonin  gave us a positive mood all day and makes us feel happy.

4.Antioxidants protects us against free radicals and oxidation.Antioxidants can be found in dark chocolates which one of our favorite sweets, it balances the reactions inside our body.

5.The presence of Carbohydrates also in dessert makes it as a good food for us. If you feel exhausted eat some sweets for it has Carbohydrates that will fully energized your body.

Now Is Desserts Really Healthy? for me YES based on the facts mentioned  on the health benefits that you will get if you eat desserts,so feel free to eat desserts but still the General Rule is moderation.

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