Why Filipino Loves Sweets?

Filipino loves sweet for we Filipinos have a sweet tooth. Sweets must always be on the table of every Filipino gatherings like birthdays and fiesta. But have you ever wondered why Filipino likes sweet?

Here are some reasons why:

1.We seek for sweetness in our food.

After we eat we look for something sweet to eat to finish off a meal. For every lunch and dinner we crave for sweets because sweet is part of a main course without sweet we feel bad because we’re unable to complete the set of course.

2.Desserts are filled also with Nutrients.

Carbohydrates are present in desserts, It fuels our body and mind for Carbohydrates coined as the ” fastest energy giving food”. According to The Nest foods that have a high percentage of carbohydrates help the brain and the body produce chemicals (serotonin) that contribute to overall emotional well-being. Desserts also diverts your mind and body to be in the positive mood that’s why we can see that Filipino is a Happy people.

3.Dessert can help you on weight-loss.  

People might think that desserts are not good for their health but some Filipinos only eat dessert when they are diet.This is true because the body will respond to small amounts of desserts that satisfy cravings by satiating its own appetite for them.

That’s our few summary why Filipino loves sweets.But a quick reminder to all the die-hard dessert fans out there be responsible on your sweet intake drink a lot of water after you finished eating your dessert.

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