Healthy Eating

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert. There are many low-fat and fat free options in the market, which can be used to lighten up traditional desserts. Use fat-free evaporated milk and fat-free condensed milk instead of the full-fat varieties for creamy desserts such as ras malai and kheer. Applesauce is a great substitute for butter and oil in cake recipes. It helps keep cakes moist while lowering the fat content. Also, replace all-purpose white flour with 100% whole-wheat flour to make your homemade cakes more nutritious and filling. Also, with sugar substitutes such as Splenda and natural sugar substitutes such as Agave nectar and Stevia, you can enjoy sweets while keeping tabs of your sugar intake. This is not important just for diabetics, but also for those who are trying to manage weight and calorie intake. The recipes in this section are examples of some delicious desserts, which will help satisfy those dessert cravings. However, be careful as low fat doesn’t always mean low-calorie and it certainly doesn’t mean caloriefree. Even if it is low fat, eat in moderation. Practiced Healthy Eating

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