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GhemsFoodProducts always believes that in creating the best food starts with the best, and freshest ingredients cooked to perfection and with love.

GhemsFoodProducts is founded by Ms. Gemma Bumangit of Barangay Balintocatoc, Santiago City, a widower and a mother of two boys. She founded GhemsFoodProducts primarily to support her kids schooling and financially. Her company started last 2018 as she being an “Angkat Vendor.”

GhemsFoodProducts is a maker of the finest and creamiest peanut butter in town. Its peanut butter is made up of the freshest, carefully picked peanuts from a reputable peanut grower. Peanuts were Secret ingredients are then added for a perfect and richer taste. Its peanut butter is best as spread in the bread.

Another spread that the town is talking about is the Yema Spread. Yema spreads are perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. It comes on three different variants; Classis Yema, Mango Yema, and Pandan Yema. Classic Yema gives you the authentic taste of milk and the egg’s yolk. It has the perfect taste, not so sweet and not so bland.  The tropical food and the National fruit of the Philippines is added to the classic taste of Yema giving a distinct taste of Mango. A very fragrant Pandan also is also used as a Yema flavor to give a sweet smelling spread a unique food experience.

She is also a distributor of Malunggay Chips. Malunggay Chips are the best option to snack on while watching TV, on the road going on a vacation and is best for pasalubong! Malunggay Chips is one of the most nutritious chips you can munch on.