GhemsFoodProducts history started when Ms. Gemma Bumangit, female, a widower, single mother, a strong woman. She is the author of GhemsFoodProducts. A sole proprietorship enterprise.

Ms. Gemma Bumangit started her business last 2018 as “Angkat Vendor.” “Angkat Vendor’ literally means she buys products in a reputed company in bulk then sell them or dispatch them to the vendor in the market. As a single mom of two, being an “angkat vendor” can’t support her family’s needs. This makes her tag as only “Angkat Vendor” a history.

As resilient as she is, she decided to make her own line of products. This paved the way the existence of GhemsFoodProducts in the market; the Ghems Peanut Butter and Ghems Yema Spread.

Market share in the market for peanut butter and Yema spread is very tough as those two spreads were being distributed by many small enterprise just like her.

To have a little share in the market pie, Ms. Gemma Bumangit initiated to study the peanut butter and yema spread making seriously. She surfed the net. She interviewed other small peanut butter and yema spread maker and watched YouTube tutorials. Just like many of us, perfecting her Peanut Butter and Yema Spread did not run as smoothly as ice. She did the trial and error method until she perfected them.

Now, as her business slowly progressing, she also incorporated Malunggay Chips in her line of products and became the lone distributor of it town.

The success of her business is attributed by her “sipag and Tyaga” and of course with the helped and guidance of our Almighty God.

GhemsFoodProducts is very willing to help other, those who wanted to become a distributor, by becoming a hub of peanut butter and Yema Spread.