Malunggay Chips

Do you have picky mouths to feed but wanting to give a nutritious and easy to eat food anyway? Still looking for a handy and nutritious snack to give your family? Try Malunggay Chips by GemsFoodProducts and surely feeding nutritious and healthful snacks to your family is a piece of cake!

Malunggay is one of the few gifts of nature that no one can match. It can be planted and reproduced almost anywhere that many plants could hardly survive. You can use its branch or seeds if you want to grow it abundantly in your backyards. Just about every part of the plant contains unparalleled health benefits: the roots, pods, seeds, flowers, fruit, and bark are all edible. Hence, getting its name “The Tree of Life.” Malunggay sustained many undernourished populations during the famine.

Almost all parts of the Malunggay tree are significant sources of nutrition and medicinal benefit but the most popular components being used are the leaves. These tiny gems are full of antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, and all of the essential amino acids. Extensive studies have revealed that phytonutrients and other substances present in moringa have antidiabetic, antitumor, anti-ulcer, anti-epileptic, and antispasmodic effects. With its nutrition and medicinal benefit of Malunggay is the inspiration for the creation of Malunggay Chips.

Gemma Bumangit of GhemsFoodProducts, a resident of Balintocatoc, Santiago City started her business as “Angkat Vendor” in 2018 and one of the products she “angkats” is the Malunggay Chips and she acts as its distributor.

Malunggay Chips of GhemsFoodProducts is made up of all-natural Malunggay leaves, flour and flavorings fried in oil. Malunggay Chips by GemsFoodProducts a healthful snack good for the family and friends and is very good “pasalubong” to anyone.

For any inquiries and orders, you may contact Ms. Gemma Bumangit or visit her at Barangay Balintocatoc, Santiago City.

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