Yema Classic, Mango, Pandan

Yema Classic is originally made with only egg yolks and sugar, heated and stirred until the consistency is thick. It’s shaped into small balls or pyramids and covered in white sugar. Milk (or condensed milk) later became part of the recipe. Modern variations also usually include chopped nuts.

Ghems Food Products  is one of the best distributors of  Yema here in the City of Santiago they offer variety of flavors that surely their customers would really like. They have Yema  Classic, Mango, and  Pandan. And also not like the ordinary yema that we know that’s packed into a cellophane. Ghems Food Products was put in the bottle and sealed to be sure of the safety of their customers.


Yema Classic the first product of Ghems Food Products perfect for hot pandesal with hot coffee. They have small and medium sizes Small (50g) Php 80.00 and Yema Classic Spread (100g) Php. 120.00 only.




Yema Mango and Yema Pandan the new flavor of Ghems Food Products due to the wide range of ideas of the owner she created the new taste for her customers the Mango and Pandan flavor. These product are very recommendable for they offer lot of nutritional  contents. It also has small and medium bottle spread for Php 80.00 and Php 100.00 only.


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